Why we are on a mission...

Shelvspace started with a core belief. An Industry as important as CPG, deserves something better than clunky and fragmented data and technology. Many of us grew up in CPG, hustling the streets store to store as a merchandiser. We would share pictures with our family members of new, in-store displays with pride of our brands as we sought recognition for a job well done. Others of us grew up in technology innovation, fighting to make every interaction and pixel perfect, with excitement to share our “next release” with friends. We were quick to recognize that the reward in true innovation was not in software, but in the experience and value it created for the end users. This blend of talents led us to create a unique culture. One that pushes us daily, without fear to innovate in ways others do not. One that keeps a relentless intent toward building simple technology that has real impact to CPG and the lives of the people it serves. One that is deeply rooted in a genuine appreciation and respect for each other, and why winning at the shelf in CPG still matters.

Our “About Us” is really “About You.”

Your teams, your brands, your shelf. If we can help you succeed, we know we are unlocking growth for one of the U.S.'s greatest industries. An industry that is pioneering the brands that make all our lives better. For us, that is a huge reward in which we are proud. Give us a call, we would love to share more stories and partner with you in creating the most loved and used software in CPG!

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Shelvspace Leadership

With a unique combination of U.S. retail and mobile technology expertise, Shelvspace was founded with a strong internal belief that businesses deserve better, smarter software. Our passion for simplicity, design, and pursuit of what truly matters has helped us create the next generation of mobile cloud solutions that fully leverage your most important asset…your people.