All VP of sales in CPG have been battling the same Retail Execution problems for 20-30 years. In order to win the daily battle at the shelf, VPs know the routine – Lock in the initiatives and goals; Get budgeting and planning dialed in; Get analytics set; Recruit an A team; Rollout initiatives to team and keep them hungry and motivated; Hop on planes to influence your buyers and distributors; Firefight; Hustle; Come up for air once a quarter to see if you’re moving the needle; Lather; Rinse; Repeat.

The Old Way: Retail Execution

The Retail Execution way of life has always been a grind. For many this is a badge of honor rightfully worn with pride.   Their CPG VP status has been earned through years of navigating these obstacles and outworking their peers. However, as the years go on, this grind is only getting tougher. Budgets for people are smaller, competition is higher, yet growth expectations remain high.

So what are many category leading VPs doing? Retreating back or slowing down? No way. That’s not how they got to where they are at. They are pushing forward and finding new ways to go faster and harder with their products and teams.

The New Way: Predictive Retail Execution

Predictive Retail Execution is an innovation that was born out of VP’s drive for speed. It answers the question of how sales leaders can stop wasting time looking backwards at yesterday’s problems, and do more to help teams execute faster tomorrow.

As it turns out, the answer has been buried in the data all along…the very data that no one is using. What if that data could ensure that your team was always spending the next hour of time on their highest impact opportunity?

Predictive retail execution makes this a reality by crunching all your store level data and automating all things necessary to put the tools in the palm of your team’s hands that they need to drive changes. These tools include dynamic store routing, automated no-buy reports to distributors, and focused plans with top opportunities by region and channel, just to name a few. The overhead that in yesterday’s world used to take your team 1-day each week in non-sales execution time, is now done automatically for them so they can focus on what they are best at…selling your products.

Increase Speed of Execution

In the past, one more data feed or initiative amounted to one more clunky and fragmented headache to deal with. Now with PRE, that’s actually the best part as the more data and initiatives you have, the smarter your team gets. PRE maps all of this together into one simple and executable retail plan that your team will LOVE.

If you are curious how “PRE” can work for your business, you can get started simply by sending us a store level data feed. We will show you the rest in action so you can see for yourself.

The next generation of retail execution has finally arrived!