We are excited to introduce our new store-level data integrations for both mobile and web. This release showcases our mobile leadership with data visulazations that deliver intelligence and insights while on the go. Reps and managers can now see the whole story behind every shelf and easily pin point problems and or opportuntiies and take action.

In addition to helping people in the field be smarter, we also upgraded our web reporting for executives and managers with increased filtering options and visibility tools to help drill down to what matters.

Mobile Intelligence

Field teams and executives now have access to store-level data right on their mobile device. From the store list you can view year-over-year sales trends by store and identify sales gaps and opportunities all while on the go. When in a store, see sales history by store all the way down to SKU level.

Our interactive trend chart gives you a real-time visual of what’s happening and delivers insights to help you tell a better sales story.

Identify opportunities

We have made significant updates to our coverage map  including advanced filtering capabilities and  visualizations to help you identify opportunities and take action. Filter by stores in compliance and instantly see color coded pins that help you identify gaps.

Drill down into stores and see integrated sales and shipment data along with form results giving you the complete picture of what is happening.

Crowdsource store audits

Need more store-level visibility ? Use Shelvspace crowdsourcing to get visibility into any store in the US. Using 500,000+ crowdsource agents, you can now get visibility into any store with less cost. Contact us for additional details and pricing.

Improved manager efficiency

We have made updates to the gallery, orders, and form results pages by providing additional filtering capabilities. Filter down further by account, user or date to the exact results you want.

In addition we have updated our email reports including adding Store and Rep information to images so you can easily identify what’s happening at a specific store.