“I had been directing my teams to focus on A stores, only to learn later, thanks to Shelvspace, that their best opportunities were often times B and C stores.”

– VP of Sales, Leading Snack Brand

Reduce overhead, multiply effectiveness

Statistics show that every 12 stores targeted for retail execution, only 1 will have material impact on the company’s objectives. The problem that most brands face is knowing which store.

Fortunately, Shelvspace's proprietary SMARTSolution helps eliminate the uncertainty and sales administration of combing through mountains of data to determine. This enables your execution teams to perform like a team 12X its size while substantially reducing overhead.

Start making data work for you

Ever feel like you are working for data rather than the other way around? Our innovative approach of transforming static data into store-level SMARTData delivered in real-time to field-team's mobile devices drives new behaviors to grow sales faster. See how we've fueled top sales teams to use data and drive focus on top opportunities to increase brand's distribution and execution.

Faster speed to fix

Were you aware that as little as 8% of rep's time is spent on revenue generating activities, with the remaining 92% wasted in pursuit of the right activity?

To achieve a faster speed-to-fix, last-mile teams need to shift from a "task" mindset, and turn that into actual sales execution. We enable brands to achieve this using data automation and notifications to alert reps of their largest opportunities. Our integrated closed-loop communication and reporting will provide immediate visibility to your team's direct impact on objectives.

CPG sales management console

Question – Do you know right now, the size of the specific opportunity is for each of your reps, and how much incremental lift will come from today's efforts? If the answer is "No," and that concerns you, consider a different way.

Our best-in-class CPG management console equips CPG leaders and teams with dashboards, scorecards and automated reports providing retail visibility and insights that are second to none.

Isn't it about time that your reports and dashboards quickly shows what you need when you need it?

Teams that consistently deliver

Your field team wants to do a great job. Why not equip them to do so. Traditional field tracking software results in 64 - 92% of your rep's time being spent on non-selling activity. With Shelvspace, your field team will:

  • Add 2.5 more stores to their route per day
  • Ensure they are the highest value opportunities
  • Make an immediate impact with each store visited

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