What does S.M.A.R.T. mean?

"S.M.A.R.T." is Shelvspace's proprietary technology providing Sales Management Automation in Real-Time


What CPG quickly learned is that having more data didn't equate to more insight or action. More data meant more work for your analysts to make it useful. Shelvspace's SMART engine takes fragmented store-level data and delivers it back in an actionable format to your teams.

Last-mile teams stay informed in real-time on their mobile devices for scan and shipment data, promotions and authorizations, as well as store inventory, history and trends supported by a photo gallery of shelf conditions.


Sales leaders and reps report spending more time than they'd like determining routes and plans on which store to visit and in which order. Shelvspace takes the SMARTData and rolls up into SMARTLists that provide reps with automated, prioritized lists of the highest value void and promo display execution opportunities.

SMARTLists use a rules engine mapped to the brand's specific objectives, meaning a store will only show up on the rep's list when it meets the criteria set.

Now, both sales leaders and reps alike can have confidence that following the plan will result in achieving the brand's goals.


Receiving automated data and lists to your mobile device in real-time is helpful, and puts brands miles ahead of where they are at today. But wouldn't it be great to be notified when there's a shelf or inventory level change in condition that needs to be addressed. We use a SMARTAlert to automatically notify reps in real-time of these opportunities so they can integrate into their store plans before the problem becomes detrimental.


Brands with field teams and without need a way to view:

  • Where the void and promo display execution problems exist
  • How large the problem is and whether it's worth addressing
  • The impact of last-mile teams for on-shelf and promo conditions          through closed-loop reports

With Shelvspace's SMARTView sales management reporting console, Sales Leaders can finally control the outcomes.

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