CPG sales leaders must always be on the hunt for new opportunities and sales, often relying on their on-shelf and display execution to attract eyeballs and open wallets. You’ve got to manage your retail shelf in a way that lets you find opportunities, act on them quickly, and keep a tight loop from HQ to the field.

Technology is about to make this a whole lot easier.

Shelvspace is expanding our sales system’s current capabilities to help sales teams improve on-shelf and display execution and save time for your retail shelf management. With automated scorecards, you’ll be able to know the state of your shelves in real-time, automatically.

The Daily Stress of a Sales Leader and Shelf Execution

How many fires have you put out today?

How many directions are you stretched in right now between internal operations, prospects, displays, budgets, and the endless calls from field teams and partners?

We know many CPG and FMCG brands spend a significant amount of time and money to create displays and get them into stores. Unfortunately, many find it difficult to understand and control execution because the time needed to follow up is overtaken by trying to consolidate scan, shipment, and in-store data that comes in at various times from different sources.

It’s an endless battle of managing data, reps, partners, and activities across all your partner locations.

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Not only can Shelvspace already help you target these challenges and create a time-saving, efficiency-boosting solution, but we’re about to make our offering even more powerful.

Discover the New Shelvspace 5.0

It’s time for you to wake up every morning knowing that your partners, reps, sales, and field teams are all focused on the biggest opportunity and the highest-revenue stores at all times. VOIDS are managed, displays are executed right or flagged with display issues, and low sales velocities are called out, so you can respond swiftly.

And it’s all in one real-time solution. There’s no more looking in the rear-view mirror to understand the health of your business.

So, let’s meet Shelvspace 5.0 and see how it can address two top stress-inducers: display execution and on-shelf execution.

Display Execution

One of the hardest things to get visibility on is how your shelves and displays are executed. You want to know how your displays and promotions are performing, see the gaps, and then speak to the right person to get them fixed.

You don’t have time to crawl through everything manually, and the new Shelvspace 5.0 means you don’t have to do that.

Our shelf management solution for displays can automatically generate a list of stores that aren’t executing and connect you immediately to the right stores and people to fix those issues. Plus, you or your partners can update this data when things are fixed and measure the results after. Whenever you have a new execution go live, you can have your team perform display execution audits or crowdsource those audits right through us.

Here’s what Shelvspace 5.0 does for your display execution:

  • Get visibility of how displays are being executed.
  • Easy and affordable to set up and run audits.
  • Automatically send notices about stores not executing to the person responsible for fixing the issue.
  • Measure results over time to see if sales are improving.

And, if your field team need a way to understand this data right away, we offer a Automated Scorecard solution that shows execution data by the distributor, retailer, rep, and region. Get detailed results on what stores are executing, who is falling behind, snap or see galleries of your displays after being set up and automate alerts for underperforming locations.

From any device, you and your team have an open line of communication to identify, highlight, fix, audit, and confirm any problems in your display execution.

On-Shelf Execution

Did you know, most companies can increase sales by 20% or more on the shelf simply by improving their on-shelf execution?  

See more with a free Automated Scorecard and see how Shelvspace can increase your sales in 30 days or less.

You’ve spent a lot to grab consumers attention at the shelf, but if you’re products are stuck backward, smooshed on the shelf, or missing from the shelf altogether, you may have just spent that money in support of your competitor. We think you deserve visibility of what each store is carrying which products and if the displays for those products are following your agreements. And, it should be simple to compile this information in a way you can use to act.

That’s just what we have included in Shelvspace 5.0.

You Can Win With Us

Our update is designed to ensure authorized products are on the shelf where they are supposed to be and give you tools to communicate to stores when things don’t look right, plus measure this process. How do we do it? We give you an automated scorecard designed to work with your PC or field mobile devices that can capture audits and information in real time.

By supporting photos and messaging with automated notifications, you get visibility into how your product looks on the shelf and ensure compliance to planogram. We provide instant access to results on the go. Emails appear automatically without ever having to log in to software.

See what your shelves look like as soon as your field team or one of our audit partners visits a store. Detailed results by the store are listed automatically with the gallery of displays over time and across locations.

Most sales team spend 40% of their time chasing down retail and display activity.  We’ll help yours be more proactive and focus more on new sales by delivering the latest technology to automate many retail execution tasks and data management.

Ready to see our news dashboards and everything else Shelvspace 5.0 has to offer? Start with a free Automated Scorecard to see the magic of Shelvspace shelf management capabilities.