No field team? No problem!

Whether you just need more in-store visibility or on-demand retail services, Shelvspace | On-Demand can help you identify and close execution gaps faster

A new way to Improve execution rates

Shelvspace | On-Demand is for larger brands, or those paying distributors and retailers trade spend for promotions and on-shelf services. Shelvspace provides systematic measurement and communication proven to improve a brand's execution rates.

Alternative last-mile option

It's no secret. On-shelf and promotional execution success has favored those brands with the largest teams...that is, until now.

Due to a continually evolving marketplace, brands looking for new labor model alternatives to their last-mile solution have turned to Shelvspace. The result? They continue to produce a great ROI while expanding their coverage options.

Real-time reporting and scorecards

Using Shelvspace for on-demand audits or retail services does not mean losing insight. Quite the contrary as our proprietary reporting console provides specific, store-level reporting through dashboards, automated reports and scorecards to show executions rates with distributor and retailer performance.

There's a whole new world awaiting CPG brands who are ready to propel their growth.

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