Share data across partners

Ensure your selling partners, brokers and distributors are all aligned and accountable to what needs to happen to grow your business

Data-driven retail collaboration

Brokers and Distributors understandably are under constant scrutiny. But expecting brokers to cover all retail work, at all stores, all the time is not realistic. With the great number of brokers we work with, however, Shelvspace enables brands to seamlessly share priorities and store-level data allowing both teams to eliminate overhead while maximizing impact on sales.

Expanded In-store coverage to inform HQ

Our on demand offerings have been built to seamlessly plug into existing broker coverage models to ensure both broker and supplier always have real-time coverage needed. This enables you as the brand to manage your high ROI potential promotions and product launches as you see fit to ensure success. Additionally, our store-level reports and scorecards equip you to have informed discussions with your headquarter accounts.

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