Shelvspace is proud to announce a new way for you to boost sales across your footprint with a retail shelf management collaboration: Shelvfirst. Together with SPINS and Acosta, we’ve created a method that can reduce voids and out-of-stocks, improve the execution of promotions, monitor product launches, and make it easier for teams to land a sale.

It’s the perfect solution that brokers and distributors can bring to CPG clients to boost operations and enhance all sides of the business.

At its heart, Shelvfirst is a new way for brands to think about, collect, and use data to improve CPG and FMCG operations. We’re taking traditional account-based data and getting it real, in the field, detailed at the moment of truth.

It’s about knowing which goods are going to be picked up the next time someone stands in front of a shelf. No matter what store that’s in, we think it’s your shelf and want to empower you to think that way too.

So, What Is Shelvfirst?

We see Shelvfirst as a first-of-its-kind CPG program that combines data, technology, and shelf-focused improvements.  On the ground, that looks like a single system that brings together your data, execution team, broker partners, and dashboards to help your sales team secure more wins with customers and distributors. It allows you to adapt to changing landscapes.

The Shelvfirst program was created as a unique collaborative partnership by:

SPINS: providing more ways to act with data.

Acosta: serving as the broker of the future.

Shelvspace: enabling FMCG sales teams to win at the shelf using technology and dashboards.

The 3 Pillars of Success

To turn that vision and platform into wins for companies like you, we rely on three core pillars and principles to guide our execution: Data. Team. Shelf. Through conversations with industry leaders and significant research, we’ve found these to be the core areas of focus to provide simple, powerful solutions that actually help teams grow.


Shelvfirst unifies all types of store-level data including scan, shipment, and audit so you can find the best opportunities to increase shelf performance.


Shelvfirst uses a ‘take-action’ framework with smart lists to empower executives and field reps in correcting shelf problems quickly and efficiently.


Shelvfirst provides real-time trending and business intelligence for sales teams to manage shelf conditions proactively.

Our Pillars, Your Strength

Retail shelf management technology for brokers and distributors has been on a steady path forward in terms of robust offerings and improving businesses through direct and simple options. We’ve combined leading capabilities and services to help improve your shelf strength.

The Shelvfirst program builds two new business processes that will help you and your partners identify shelf problems quickly and correct them even faster. On-demand auditing and reporting tools minimize gaps and maximize channels, while they’re also backed by distribution void management with seamless collaboration between the broker and supplier.

Create a closed-loop process that identifies voids in stores, sends that detail to sales reps in the field, and then track completion visually through mobile devices. For groups without field teams, we also provide access to crowdsourcing efforts and data to generate complete visibility of display and store conditions at any retail location — also a smart choice for brands with smaller field teams!

Data on what’s going right and what could be better is some of the most important when it comes to launching new products and measuring a rollout on shelves, so we’ll deliver specific assistance with these programs too.

Rounding it all out are metrics, dashboards, and data designed to improve team productivity and automate a variety of activities, so your partners are spending less time filing paperwork and more time making the sale and growing your shelf together.

Is Shelvfirst Right for You?

Our vision for Shelvfirst is to help businesses solve fundamental questions and gaps in their shelf execution – to protect your brand and grow sales. First and foremost, it’s a platform designed to give tangible benefits to improve what your partners doing right now on your shelves.

If you need help, or are struggling with data, Shelvfirst might be a way you can better understand your operations and make it easier for brokers to improve their relationships with CPG and FMCG brands.

Here are some of the fundamental questions Shelvfirst can answer for your partners:

  • Are you losing sales today? Where?
  • Are you certain that your promotions are being displayed and executed correctly?
  • What’re the biggest opportunity accounts for your sales team? Are they spending the right time on those accounts?
  • What existing programs have the greatest or weakest impact on sales? What can you do instead?
  • Do you have a way to show your buyers why they should carry your product? Do you have the data to make this case?

If you’re ready to learn a little more about Shelvfirst, we invite you to schedule a free store audit. That way, you get a custom approach and idea of how specifically we can apply our data techniques and services to your business and help improve your relationships.

Get that Free Store Audit by contacting us directly at 602-734-5928 or