The evolution in consumer and outside of retail happened fast. From Amazon with less than an hour grocery delivery to your doorstep, to Uber delivering foods, or even driverless cars now being seen on on the highways.

For those in retail, it’s important that you keep up with these trends. Not only as some of these technologies are competing with or disrupting experiences at Retail but also because the in-store shopping experience is also about to go through some exciting changes.

For years it seems like we have heard about in-store technologies for out of stock, promotions, etc. yet few have actually been adopted mainstream. However as technology pressures contain to arise outside of the storefront, the pressure for retailers to continue to evolve in-store will continue to grow.

Look not only for new ways product brands can be exposed and made available to customers. Look also for completely new forms of in-store engagement that may drive different ways you need to evaluate and measure your product brands success in-store.

What in-store technology are you most excited about?