Explain the past, control the future

Shelvspace collaborated with leading brands to develop a CPG-centric SMARTView dashboard suite that's as informative about future performance as the past.

Sales leaders and teams will start having smarter conversations empowered by our industry-leading, tailored dashboards, score cards and reports.

Full, closed-loop reporting

Face it, most reports you use are static views of historical data requiring you to draw accurate conclusions. With Shelvspace, you're no longer relegated to making assumptions about your team's impact to sales.

We begin by identifying the most meaningful objectives, enabling prioritization of the team's plan, then track through closed-loop reporting to see total impact. Performance accelerates when your team sees how their behaviors contribute to exceeding goals.

Measure impact of team & strategy

The Shelvspace sales management reporting console accelerates performance by allowing leaders of last-mile teams to identify the biggest opportunities and risk areas with on-shelf, display execution and team performance.

Have critical initiatives you're running after? Just plug them into our dashboards to see the team's performance compared to goal. Seeing in real-time the impact your teams are having, and their likelihood of achieving at the current pace allows you to make adjustments before the month or quarter has ended.

Standard Templates

Take advantage of the industry's most robust dashboard library

Fully Customizable

Work with our experienced team to build your own custom dashboard

Integrated Data

All dashboard and reports are in real-time giving you immediate visibility


Access reports while on the go with our mobile friendly reports

Automated Reports

Automated reports sent to your inbox without ever having to log into software

Role-Based Permissions

Set access permissions based on roles to keep team focus where it belongs


Straightforward scorecards give instant visibility into your top initiatives

Report Sharing

Share reports with partners and retailers driving better collaboration and outcomes

Integrated Gallery

View photos with data and get the full picture of whats happening at the shelf

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