“We sell rebate programs and retailers forget the terms to be compliant. Since calculating rebates is time consuming and complex, I end up overpaying as if all were compliant.”

– VP, Sales & Operations - Global Snack Brand

Identifies compliance levels of all stores on contract

Calculating and paying out rebates is often a painful process. One that typically results in paying more than you should since not all stores are compliant. So why pay them as if they are?

You know that their lack of compliance represents money left on the table for them, and more importantly, lost sales opportunities for you. We will automatically identify compliance levels for you based on your contract so that you get the most out of your rebate programs.

Quantifies $ left on table from noncompliance

Not surprisingly, rebates aren’t top of mind for retailers, and as such, aren’t managed to maximize performance. The Shelvspace Rebate Compliance program handles this by providing brands with not only compliance levels by store, but the money left on the table for retailers. Nothing gets the attention of a retailer like additional incentive dollars available to them.

Give instant, data-backed facts for recommended orders

When teams are equipped with real-time facts, backed by data, recommended orders are perceived by retailers as required orders as they are compelled by the evidence. Experience shows that shelf space goes to the brands that provide the most compelling argument for growing the retailer’s business. Isn’t it time your brand gets the attention it deserves?

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