CPG made Smarter, Faster, and Easier

For CPG, winning the battle of the shelf takes a lot more effort than it should. Shelvspace changed the game making teams smarter through actionable data, which makes it faster to close high value opportunities, and easier for brokers/distributors to prioritize your brand like your own team does.

Prioritized opportunities = Fast action

Wake up each morning with a clear picture of your team's biggest sales opportunities through SMARTLists automatically personalized and delivered to your reps, brokers and distributors.

We take the fragmented data that your analysts spend a week to untangle, and make it actionable for teams...and we provide this to reps daily!

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Faster speed-to-shelf

Different from rep tracking apps, Shelvspace uses data to know the problems that other apps aim to collect through field teams.

Our SMART platform sends real-time insights to your team for fastest execution, providing intelligent prioritization for store-level management.

With Shelvspace, our customers solve problems others are still trying to find!

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The SMART way to understand the past and control your future

Our robust, out-of-the-box reporting suite lets you know exactly what levers to pull to optimize results. Gain an immediate competitive advantage as your entire sales network executes more efficiently and effectively, substantially reducing their non-selling time by 12X.

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