Unparalleled sales mobility

Sales teams switching to Shelvspace report moving from a "task" mindset to a "strategic sales" mindset. The reason? Other apps rely on reps to collect information and input into the app.

We inform the app using SMARTData so that reps spend more time on activities that grow sales.

Learn more about how our cloud-based sales execution software enables reps to cut administration, giving them a clear picture of where coverage gaps exist and where to focus sales efforts.

Sell more, faster

Every brand wants predictable and sustained growth, but this isn't a reality until last mile teams are properly equipped through mobile to see where store-level voids and unexecuted promotions exist.

CPG Brands wanting to increase speed-to-fix use Shelvspace to leverage data and give reps store-level insights.

Plan smarter

To plan smarter, this requires having the right starting point. We provide this starting point by identifying a brand's biggest vulnerabilities and opportunities, allowing teams to set daily and weekly plans. Give your brand the visibility to hold field teams, HQ teams, brokers and distributors accountable for results.

Easy & Intuitive

Experience the industry's easiest and most intuitive mobile experience

Integrated data

Sell smarter with actionable, integrated, store-level data at your fingertips


Our SmartList automatically prioritizes the stores with the largest opportunities

Store History

View store-level history and sales trends to track improvement over time

Prioritize What Matters

Focus on what matters by prioritizing stores by location, sales or initiative

Authorizations & Promotions

Instantly see what products and promotions are authorized by store

Rep Planning

Interactive map to help your team plan the most effective and opportunistic routes

Time & Mileage Tracking

Improve your team's efficiency by knowing where they are focused

Conditional Workflows

Reps work faster and smarter with custom workflows focused on what's relevant

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