A Retail growth solution for the highest performing CPG sales teams

Shelvspace empowers your last-mile team to fix the problems others are still trying to find, putting your team on the fastest, easiest path to grow your brand.

Convert non-selling time into significant sales lift

Do you ever feel like your last-mile team is spending more time than they should on non-selling activities?

Shelvspace solves this by automatically identifying, prioritizing and directing your teams to their highest value opportunities based on your specific objectives. Our robust dashboards and closed-loop reporting dramatically increases your visibility enabling you to hold field teams, brokers and distributors accountable to achieve the sales lift your brand deserves.

S.M.A.R.T.™ platform making data and teams smarter

No more trying to turn fragmented data into something useful for your team. We integrate all of your store-level data and elegantly deliver individualized and actionable data to your team. This is provided through automated SMARTLists that identify and prioritize on-shelf and promotional execution gaps driving a 12X improvement in your team's speed-to-fix.

Mobilize your entire last-mile sales network and increase sales faster

Imagine the impact to your sales if Brokers and Distributors gave the same focus your own sales teams gives to your brand. With Shelvspace's SMARTView technology, we provide visibility into broker and distributor performance, in addition to your own field team, to accelerate your entire sales network's effectiveness.

No field team? No problem! We also provide on-demand auditing and retail services.

Data-driven retail collaboration

Brokers and Distributors understandably are under constant scrutiny. But expecting brokers to cover all retail work, at all stores, all the time is not realistic. With the great number of brokers we work with, however, Shelvspace enables brands to seamlessly share priorities and store-level data allowing both teams to eliminate overhead while maximizing impact on sales.


Experience Shelvspace in action. Let us show you the path to 20% more sales today!

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