The SMART approach to CPG

The Retail Execution Problem

Most of our customers are long time CPG sales veterans who were brought up in a culture of hard work with in-store retail execution being the foundation of their brand’s future success.

But today, the retail execution process is more fragmented, slow and clunky than ever before creating more work for everybody.

Data is still backward-looking and nobody has the time to sift through to try to make more actionable. Execution is still fragmented across HQ, Retail, Brokers, and Distributors, requiring constant management and alignment to achieve top performance.

Despite the never-ending treadmill of daily execution, in-store execution gaps are everywhere. In fact, for the average brand, over 40% of their store level distribution and promotion execution is off from what it should be, costing brands more incremental sales lift than all their new initiatives combined.

What was needed was a faster, easier, and more effective way to get store level distribution and promotional execution as originally planned.

That’s what led to our innovating and becoming market leaders of Predictive Retail Execution.

Predictive Retail Execution

Predictive retail execution is changing the entire approach to how data, teams, and shelf level execution all come together for Industry sales leaders.

Rather than adding more data, technology and people to an existing reactive system, predictive retail execution predicts and prioritizes the in-store activities that will produce the greatest incremental sales, eliminating much of the manual work in today’s existing process.

Our S.M.A.R.T. technology, similar to the technology powering Amazon and Google, combines seamlessly with the full range of partner data. Doing so finally provides CPGs with a complete, best-in-class approach to drive in-store execution through teams, brokers, and on demand retail execution services.

Don’t settle for the old, Industry standard of letting 40% of your trade dollars to go to waste.

With Shelvspace a new future has finally arrived. Predictive retail execution gives sales leaders a new way to predict and control their future outcomes at the shelf.

Welcome to Predictive Retail Execution!

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