The SMART approach to CPG

The Retail Execution Problem

As a CPG brand, you spend great effort to build top-notch products, and work equally hard to get distribution. But this pales in comparison to the effort you spend every day battling retail execution issues.

It’s a battle that’s decades old. In earlier years, the hope was the promise of data…any data. It didn’t take long until this became a request for more data, but now days, with more than ever before, this has changed to the need for actionable data that produces faster outcomes. In other words, you need the right information, at the right time, with measurable impact…anything else is just noise.

Without that, brands are left to solve execution issues with little to no insight on where or what to solve first, and an increasing pile of tasks that fill their day. This results in last-mile teams with immense pressure to create impact simply through “more” activity. We call this the “task mindset.”

Most Technology in CPG has reinforced this task mindset by developing software that promotes teams tracking and managing “more tasks” with “more tools”. But just in the same way that more data was not the solution, the same holds true for the activities your last-mile teams execute upon. Knowing the right activity based on largest opportunity, prioritized by brand objectives, specific to reps, brokers and distributors is what’s really needed. Less tasks, higher impact!

Fortunately, the team at Shelvspace has solved this as we’re seeing brand’s growth and team productivity outpace the industry as result.

The SMART Sales Solution

We built the industry’s first S.M.A.R.T.™ sales cloud that takes all of your store-level data inputs such as scan data, depletions, inventory, authorizations and promotions, then provide a store-level view converting this to actionable data. We then run it through our real-time rules automation to deliver tailored lists to your reps based on your brand’s most critical objectives.

No need to worry about your last mile teams forgetting what’s important or having to create more tasks for your team. Shelvspace helps focus the team automatically with our alerts and SMARTLists.

Finally, we roll all of this up into an industry-leading sales management reporting suite that gives you a complete, real-time view of your entire last mile. All of this is automated, configured to your KPIs, finally giving you the scorecards you’ve always wanted to quantify your team’s incremental lift on sales.


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