“We spend significant dollars on display programs, but once the program launches, we don’t have the time or enough feet on the street to see which displays haven’t executed.”

– Vice President, Consumer Goods Division

Identify high-value/high-risk stores

It’s no secret. When a promotion launches, a lot of assumptions are made that the displays will execute on time and as planned to meet the sales objectives. But when they don’t, not only is that wasted spend, but brands often times lose out on future opportunities due to poor promotional performance.

We fix this. Shelvspace knows that your teams aren’t equipped to get out to every store for every promotion the day it launches. Our program uses data and our on-demand network to identify the high-value and high-risk stores.

See poor and non-executing stores within 72 hours

Shelvspace has over one million people at our disposal that we can tap into at a moment’s notice to give brands insight into their poor and non-executing stores. Even more impressively, we can provide this back to you within 72 hours of your promotional launch. Doing so during this critical window allows your teams to fix the problems while there is still time in the promotion to maximize the results.

Measure short term lift and longer term baseline build

Our Display Execution Compliance program not only provides quantifiable results for short-term lift, but can also show brands over the longer term how well they are building their baseline of products. Wouldn’t it be great to finally know definitively how your promotional displays are executing and where to spend your next dollar?

Equip Teams with Pitch-ready materials

Shelvspace uses it’s predictive approach for display success by combining shipment and scan data with the on-demand field audit data to present a complete view of the display execution period. In the weeks preceding the promotion, we’ll show retailers with insufficient inventory, then at the point of launch, we’ll show the execution levels. Post promotion, we’ll show any unresolved, unexecuted displays. This can be used as pitch ready materials to present back to retailers, brands and teams.

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