Unify all store-level data

We start by seamlessly integrating all of your data sources and convert to SMARTData. We then arm your team with these store-level insights to enable smarter conversations with buyers that translate into immediate results.

Real-time, tailored opportunities delivered to your teams

Research shows that reps spend 64% of their time in non-selling activities. This is even higher in CPG for teams relying on store audits to drive action.

With Shelvspace's proprietary SMART engine, we automatically identify voids and display execution gaps to deliver the highest value opportunities into the hands of your field teams, brokers and/or distributors for resolution.

Stack the odds in your team's favor

Prior to Shelvspace, last mile teams had only a 1 in 12 chance of solving store-level issues that would create material sales lift. Our proprietary approach to display and deliver actionable data puts your teams back in control to:

  • Identify the best opportunities at each store
  • Take action and address root causes, not just symptoms
  • Track the results and impact with closed-loop reporting

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