At Shelvspace, we’re incredibly lucky to work with some of the most amazing brands and field teams on the market. We’re constantly in awe of the innovation, products, and commitment of these companies. So, we wanted to celebrate them and congratulate them on their success..

This month, we’ve chosen to highlight Essentia, who was able to employ a mobile data and tracking system that led to improved rep efficiency and performance as their field team grew. At the Beverage Forum in April, Essentia was named one of their Beverage Businesses of the Year

Please join us in congratulating them and read on to see their story.

Who Is Essentia?

Essentia is the premium water market leader of ionized alkaline water. Over the twenty years since its launch, the brand has brought the rehydrating benefits of ionized water to US consumers. It has been a long process, but the brand is now growing fast. By the end of 2017, Essentia Water was in more than 60,000 retail locations around the U.S. and hit a $124 million in retail sales.

“In 2017, my overall focus was to support Essentia’s projected growth by helping bring every aspect of our business up to the level of performance that rapid growth requires,” Ken Uptain, CEO and founder of Essentia Water recently told BevNET. “We achieved this through our team members demonstrating an unwavering commitment to broadening our visibility across the country, whether that was through sales, marketing or operations.”

The Challenges Essentia Faced

Essentia is one of the Shelvspace customers with a growing field team, allowing them to leverage a variety of the services and solutions we offer.

Essentia wanted a standardized, centralized process to monitor the retail impact of its street-level field sales force. A process that allowed both the Area Sales Manager to efficiently record and recall every retail interaction – and create a dataset that allowed Essentia Management a macro view of what is going on at retail in real time.
The process had to genuinely add value to the organization: from ASM to CEO.
Shelvspace worked closely with Essentia to create the right mobile data and tracking solution to solve for all these needs.

Essentia and Shelvspace Grow a Solution

Reps needed a way to identify opportunities and track performance. By working with Shelvspace, Essentia was able to adopt a platform that facilitated collaboration and helped the reps and their managers identify their best chances for success.

“Shelvspace is unique: Essentia gets to understand the challenges and opportunities that our reps face in real time, while allowing us to see our strategies at work in every store the team visits” said Neil Kimberley, Chief Strategy Officer of Essentia.

Essentia was building out the right people to help grow its distribution efforts and reach new heights, doubling its revenue during 2017. We’re grateful for the opportunity to be part of their success, simply through offering a platform that made it easier for Essentia’s teams to maximize their efforts.

“Shelvspace has been a game changer for us. There is no doubt our ability to see and understand our shelf presence in real time is a big factor in our success.” said Kimberley.

The Core Fact

If you understand your retail environment, you can understand the challenges your reps face, and can provide them with the resources they need to win. This aligns Strategy from Boardroom to Shelf.

Essentia is a leader in connecting retail data to selling opportunity. It merges account and distributor performance down to the rep and store level using custom dashboards designed to facilitate collaboration and make wins easier.

At Shelvspace, we know that data is important. Essentia validated this belief by showing us the true value of rep-level information and its impact on distribution and reach. The more you’re able to see and understand, the better you can respond to any situation.

Additional Acclaim for Essentia

Shelvspace also wanted to congratulate Essentia on its performance in early 2018. Essentia has surpassed its 2018 January and February sales goals, plus the company says it is ramping up to start expanding internationally next year.

You can read more about its fantastic start to the year in this Beverage Daily article.

Way to go, Essentia!

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