We all know that energy drinks have become a staple of our culture over recent years, especially with most Americans being constantly on the go. Sometimes, there isn’t enough time to wait for the coffee to brew, or for the difficult customer in front of you in line at the local Starbucks. A quick Monster will do, and is a much more efficient route to travel to enable one to arrive in time for their work shift. However, is it always before work or school that a consumer is purchasing this energy drink? The answer to this question is important to these organizations, among other things.

A recent study by Mintel was analyzed at Beverage Industry, which showed that “49 percent of people who consume energy drinks… do so in the afternoon” (2014). The typical image that the consumer sees is that an energy drink is a great way to start the day and begin to conquer their duties, but what if they do have the time to wait for the French press to finish, or if the line at Starbucks really isn’t that long? What if their problem is that they need something with them at about 1:00pm to maintain their focus, or to regain it after getting sleepy from a very satiating lunch? This is where the energy companies come in and switch their focus in order to attract more customers to their brands. This also applies to the little brother of energy drinks, energy shots. The study cited by Beverage Industry also states that “42 percent of people who drink energy shots take them in the afternoon” (2014). Someone might not need to drink an entire beverage to wake up; a quick, concentrated shot of caffeine just might do the trick. If the brands stay in touch with their consumers, they can decipher their wants/needs and capitalize on these trends.

Getting the most out of these patterns will also cause consumers to be more aware of these brands. In a report cited by Business Wire, it states, “one of the drivers in the market is the increasing brand awareness among consumers” (2014). As mentioned above, being in touch with one’s market will allow an organization to enjoy a greater level of brand awareness, which will allow their company to continue to grow. Different promotional strategies and innovative techniques that focus on these wants bring the customer closer, showing them that the brand actually cares about what they are looking for in a beverage. When a consumer sees that an energy drink/shot has what they need, it will become beneficial to them, which will cause them to be more inclined to purchase the product.

By keeping in touch with the needs of the market instead of trying to push trends, a brand will stand out from the rest of its competitors. As consumers, we like to see products that are in line with what we are currently looking for, not a product that is trying to further its own agenda. If the tide is turning to “going green,” we want to see environmentally friendly packaging. If the current favors that of dieting/health awareness, a brand needs to lower the sugar level and raise that of natural ingredients. All in all, if a brand keeps in touch with its consumers, these consumers will keep in touch with this brand.

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