How do you know if you’re successful? You look for the signs, metrics, and answers to questions clients are going to ask during your next meeting. When these are green, you know it’ll be a great meeting.

But, what if things aren’t going well? Are you capable of figuring that out far enough ahead of time to make changes and improve performance to change a poor review into an amazing one by the time that next meeting rolls around?

Retail audit software, as part of retail shelf management software dedicated to increasing sales at the shelf and protecting your CPG brand, is a top opportunity for you to deliver a better customer experience and maximize your existing inventory while ensuring that corporate governance and operational efficiency. Mobile retail auditing capabilities, living on the devices your team already has in hand, hasten data capture, report creation, and publishing.

Automating Steps Saves Time

We hear a lot about automation in today’s fast-moving consumer goods world, and it’s easy to think of it as a process for your warehouse and fleet management or pick-and-pack operations. However, your field team can benefit from it too when you’ve got retail audit software that works with the mobile devices they’re already using.

By using these digital technologies with offline support, you can create a record that automatically includes scanned deliveries and other data that your team previously needed to write down on paper and hope nothing spilled or dripped on during their travel to all their sites that day. Plus, your other teams no longer need to wait for field reps to get all the way back to base to get the data they’ve collected from each audit.

If you assign team members audits when an issue occurs, inventory and retail audit software tools can send out assignments and requirements no matter where your field agent is right now so you know exactly which stores and shelves need your attention first.

Every retail shelf management process that you can automate, such as the creation of action plans, alerts, new requirements, or new forms to capture allows you to gain insight faster.

Real-Time Results Allow You to Take Immediate Action

Inputting data in real-time will allow you to complete forms and reduce the risk of inaccurate audit data. You’re empowered to have a more visible presence in your partner locations and respond more quickly to changes or challenges.

Automatic syncing between inputs on mobile devices and your systems back at your home base can help you look for trends as they happen or determine which partners may need additional support before you restock.

The faster you can see a snapshot of your performance or look across a substantial portion of your partners, the sooner you can identify new trends or opportunities to make the most of your stock.

Increase Trust with Photos

Audits can cause disputes. Retail audit software that supports photos and signature capture can help mitigate trust issues by offering evidence of how you review your presence in partner stores and locations.

Retail shelf management and inspections and reviews of your locations and performance options that provide proof can also help you enforce contracts and agreements, or spark renegotiations when you think you’re in a top position. You don’t want to learn the hard way that out-of-stock items are harming your business.

Especially in competitive areas like CPG, inventory audit software with photos can give you the big picture of your performance and show you how you look against the competition.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

For almost every business with a field team, 90% of your success comes from how thrilled customers are with your service. Even the greatest product can’t overcome late deliveries, wrong stock or fill levels, poor risk management, or miserable customer service.

Your goal is to improve satisfaction at every possible moment, and audits are an often-overlooked tool that can help you maximize these efforts. Audits allow you to see and respond to issues, provide flexible options that have assisted your customers in the past, and know which teams have the best past performance with new customers based on their size, industry, or other requirements.

Retail and inventory audit capabilities as part of a strategic ‘retail shelf management solution’ can help you detect flaws and errors in your process as well as relationships. Knowing these issues allows your team to work on solving them, instead of finding out they existed when a partner ends its relationship.

Putting all of this on your mobile devices is a best practice and competitive advantage for now, but in a very short amount of time, it’s going to be a must-have, imperative tool for managing your customer relationships.

Want to see how mobile-friendly audits in a retail shelf management platform can increase sales, protect your brand, and make your customers happier? Get your Free Retail Audit from ShelvSpace!