The Market leader of Predictive Retail Execution

Shelvspace ends the drudgery that sales leaders face when reactively managing fragmented store data, teams, and the never ending battle at the shelf. Finally, a forward-looking, end-to-end approach that unlocks the true power of your brand and people. Welcome to the next generation of retail execution!









Sales leaders can finally control the revenue impact of their teams, brokers and distributors

Team Performance

Our industry-leading Team Performance solution enables teams to spend less time tracking and more time on data-driven selling

Key Item Distribution

Maximize key item distribution by using data to direct HQ, Field and Broker teams to the stores that will have the highest impact

Display Compliance

The only real-time, forward looking solution to improve in-flight display activation, preparing your retailers for future promotions

Rebate Compliance

Stop overpaying for unexecuted trade programs and use a turn key solution that drives the performance you and your retailers expected

Predict and control future outcomes

Tired of using a rear view mirror to find and fix yesterday's problems?

Our Predictive Retail Execution approach enables teams to get in front of problems by directing them to opportunities or risks making the greatest impact on the brand’s initiatives.

Shelvspace puts Sales Leaders in control of their own destiny!

End the drudgery and reduce overhead

Are your teams spending more time than they should on backward-looking data, reports, and tracking activities?

Shelvspace helps eliminate this overhead by converting non-selling time into sales lift with higher impact team activities.

Our robust dashboards and closed-loop reports providing tools for management to hold teams accountable, and the execution team to sell more.

Immediately actionable, store-level data

No more trying to turn fragmented data into something useful for your team.

We integrate all of your store-level data and quickly deliver individualized and actionable data to your team.

This provides automated SMARTLists and SMARTAlerts that identify and prioritize on-shelf and promotional execution gaps resulting in a 12X improvement in your team's speed-to-fix.

Mobilize your entire sales network to focus on your in-store objectives

Imagine the impact to your sales if Brokers and Distributors gave the same focus your own sales teams gives to your brand.

Imagine if you could plug in extra resources on demand to provide a boost to key initiatives.

With the Shelvspace SMARTPlatform we provide visibility into broker and distributor performance, and can plug you into 3rd Party on demand networks to accelerate reaching your shelf level execution objectives.

Prioritize highest opportunity across all initiatives

Worried about narrowing your initiatives to the top 3 and leaving money on the table from opportunities missed? Shelvspace helps prioritize all your initiatives to maximize impact automatically.

Unlike other solutions that begin with activities, we begin with your initiatives. This means we can tell you which stores will produce the highest impact across all initiatives.

Prioritization provides focus across your brokers, distributors, and CPGs, especially with larger SKU portfolios, making the retail execution process faster for sales teams.

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